All great things start with a basic hypothesis – an idea to be tested, which usually starts off along the lines of “I wonder if…”

Uber: “I wonder if technology could simplify the

cab experience?” AirBnB: “I wonder if I could use an app to rent

my room?” Revolut: “I wonder if we could make banking

more personal”

Twitter: “I wonder what’s going on?”

A carefully executed hypothesis can take

the world by storm.

Do you have an idea?

Could it change the world?

The most practical way to take on the world is to start small and iterate over the concept. Work with 1NV specialists to identify the core needs of your audience, and in crafting a Minimum Viable Product to test the concept against the market.

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise grade customer, 1NV can propose solutions to work within your constraints, and to help achieve your goals. Here’s why companies have chosen to Hypothesise with 1NV:


Here’s why companies have chosen to Hypothesise with 1NV:


Leveraging their software teams from around the Globe, 1NV can truly deliver at effective rates, and combining this with clear product strategy and quality assurance programs, this potent combination turbocharges the process of bringing a product to the market whilst reducing risk.

User Experience

Our obsessions is the end user, and we measure against this benchmark. All lives and ends at the hands of the user, and 1NV is keen to drive the right product metrics to ensure longevity in the market.


1NV has a reputation for tackling some of the most difficult problems – and we don’t stop until all is solved. With 24/7 response, our customers sleep well knowing we’re on call.


We’re ready to partner with you.