“1NV crafts digital experiences to push the human race forward, with projects that matter. To us. To the people around us. To earth. To society. For the greater good, and for a sustainable future.

1NV is industry agnostic, and specialises in developing hyperlocal technologies that focus on the user, and their interaction with their immediate environment, in real time.”

Exploring Hyperlocal Solutions

The world is made up of people – the basic building block of society. 1NV puts your customers first, seeking to understand the world from the lens of the individual. Exploring multivariate analysis of user interaction with environmental context in real-time, 1NV can yield answers to questions that are important in understanding who you are as a business, and where you stand.

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The Evolution of Education Technology

#Edtech is more than just gamifying the learning experience and pushing for efficiencies – it’s about applying digital technology to deliver an entirely new form of learning architecture. While the education sector has been the pioneer of new technologies, it has simultaneously, as an industry, been slow to responding to the advent of new technology. With technology driving massive improvements through disruption in the fields of finance, engineering and healthcare – 1NV strives to redefine the benchmarks for value and excellence to the Education sector.

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Leveraging the Globe for your workforce

Globalisation has split opinion around the world – but there is no question as to the commercial benefits of lower development costs, research and labour. 1NV is uniquely positioned to bring experts to your domain, within your budget – matching your skills expectations and working in your time zones.

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